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Have you ever wondered what our purpose is on this earth? Or how evil came to exist? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking what’s in store for us after life as we know it.

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/ why do we

This is perhaps one of life’s biggest questions. The response is dependent on one’s belief system. As human beings, we have a special status within the visible and the invisible creation, possessing both a material and spiritual nature. We are a unified entity consisting of body, soul, and spirit, given responsibility over the earth. We have been given characteristics such as love, personality, freedom, reason, and speech which are to be used in serving others.

/ is there life
after death?

It’s only natural to wonder what is in store after death. The creation contains both visible and invisible dimensions and aspects. We seek to live life to its full potential; however, we realize that life on earth as we know it, spent in our human bodies, is limited to a number of years. “Death” describes a person’s physical demise and the end of their earthly existence. However, we are more than just our physical body; we consist of body, soul, and spirit. The body is given back to the earth, however, soul and spirit exist eternally and although invisible to the human eye, the journey continues.

/ why is there
good and evil?

In the beginning, the invisible and visible creation was very good. The origin of evil within the order of creation cannot be rationally grasped or explained, nor can it always be clearly recognized. Sometimes evil disguises itself and takes on the appearance of something good. Evil as such was not explicitly created but rather permitted. The capacity to do good or evil lies rooted in the human ability to exercise choice. Evil stands as an opposing force to do good. Evil manifests itself when human beings knowingly and intentionally oppose that which is good. Through faith in the gospel, the true nature of evil, its power, and effects become clear. Evil is a destructive power that opposes, destroys, and brings death.

/ let’s continue
the conversation

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